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Adventures of Brian, Photography
Unbelievably we haven’t had a single thing mechanically go pear-shaped with both buses since leaving Adelaide. Patrick checks the oil as usual first thing in the morning.

Another dawn early start in Ceduna and today is the best leg of the journey yet. Although we’re in the middle of nothing the road section crosses the changing landscape of the Nullarbor, the edge of the Great Australian Bight, and the SA/WA border crossing. Needless to say today was the biggest day for photos

Jean’s not silly, she’s gone back to sleep in Patricks Kombi
We went ‘luxury’ last night and stayed in the caravan park in Ceduna. Yay for hot showers!
Nundroo Roadhouse – $2.17 per litre for regular unleaded!!!!! Almost stole someone’s cat at Nundroo. I thought it was dumped and was about to throw her into the kombi to take back to a shelter but a woman came out and chucked her over her shoulder. She was a travelling feline and just a bit of a sook. Glad I didn’t steal her cat. Stole a girl’s dog once in Scarborough by accident, made her cry. Sorry about that.

At the border village everyone gets inspected. You can’t bring in nuts/fruit/honey/seeds etc. They didn’t seem to mind the condom of cocaine hiding up my bottom as long as I handed over my box of Sultana Bran.

After the border it was plain sailing across another few hours to Cocklebiddy, arriving just on dusk and right before the petrol station closed up. I think Cocklebiddy is the most expensive place on earth. Petrol was $2.20 per litre and food was a fortune.

About 10kms north of the town is a dirt car park. On the northern edge there’s a road which you follow on dirt for around 15km and leads to a cave entrance. This entrance is the start of one of the longest underwater cave diving systems in the world. Out in the middle of nowhere. It was too dark by the time we arrived to go and take a look so will have to leave it for the next trip.

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