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Adventures of Brian, Photography

Spent last night til the wee hours packing and getting the bus ready. It’s the last day at Valla on the farm. Heading back to Perth for a couple of photo jobs but going via the south coast to Melbourne. Will also try to squeeze in the Great Ocean Road before heading up to Adelaide where I’m meeting Patrick and his wife Jean from Perth who brought his 13 window over to Bug-In in Adelaide over Easter. Then we are both driving back across the desert to WA.

Stopped for a goodbye breakfast with Mal, Ruth, and Kylie at Valla before hitting the Pacific Highway. As per my usual travels, I planned to get away in the early hours but ended up leaving mid afternoon.

Old and New. My 1962 T2 and Mal’s 2008 T5 (ex-ambulance with 4-motion). Bye Mal. Bye Ruth.
First stop was a check of the beach at Port Macquarie. Not a lot happening here but it wasn’t surprising, it was late afternoon with a mild onshore wind. There was more action at the neighbouring skate ramp.

I was going to do some more touring around the coastal tourist drives, Forster-Tuncurry, Newcastle etc but it was getting dark pretty fast so I figured the best was to head straight through to Sydney.

The infamous Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross, Sydney

Spent the first night camping in the splitty on the outer edge of Kings Cross. It was weird to fall asleep to the sounds of sirens, drunken screaming, and car horns. Woke up to utter peace and silence. All the drunks were asleep in various gardens and the hookers were asleep on the rest of the drunks. All is well in the world.

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