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Adventures of Brian, Photography

Strangely enough didn’t shoot many pics today, just wanted to knock over a solid day’s driving. Left Canberra towards Yass and down the Hume. Hit a pretty heavy thunderstorm near Albury so stopped for some lunch and a nap. Continued on towards Melburg and ran in to the craziest weather front in Kalkallo. The rain swept through sideways in gale force conditions and the temperature dropped to six degrees (but the wind chill had it feeling like 2 degrees). You can imagine in a 50 year old tin can with no heater it was wise to stop and revive with a coffee and meal at the nearest petrol station. About an hour later after the storm had eased I continued to Brighton for a quick cuppa with DSK Forum friends, Rawdyn and Michelle, then hit the road again towards Torquay. It was around 1am by the time I finally stopped, bypassing Torquay and heading around 30kms up the Gt Ocean Road. Finally parking the kombi in a cutaway behind bushes to stop being battered by the onshore winds. Set up camp for the night and fell asleep in mere seconds when my head hit the pillow.

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