Vintage VW Charter – The Kombi Recollections

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Adventures of Brian, Photography

For a couple of years my friend Patrick and his wife Jean, and myself, used our VWs as charter vehicles on weekends. We registered a business as Vintage VW Charter in Perth and met some amazing clients. Mainly the bookings were for weddings. There was the occasional school formal, media promotion, or scenic tour, but mostly weddings and receptions.

I wanted to make an album of images from across that time just for the memories. Below are shots I collected from our old Instagram account (long gone). Also sadly I can’t recall the photographers so let me know if any of them are yours and I’ll credit appropriately.

In all we had five vehicles. Our service truck was the low light bay window ute named Olive. We also used an orange late bay window bus named Juice and Bertie the Beetle. Our main two hires though were Patrick’s 1959 13-window (Ron Burgundy) and my 1962 11-window (Liz Lemon).

So here is a collection of shots from the glory days of Vintage VW Charter.

(In no particular order)

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