About Me

Dodgy lookin’ fella (photo by Angie Roe)

High School was my first introduction to photography. Academically I was very average but once I had a camera in hand it opened my eyes to this amazing hobby. I had a couple of big breaks along the way. One was in 1997 my cousin Andrew built a show quality Holden Gemini and allowed me to photograph it. He sent the transparency slides to a magazine and they liked them so much they offered me a regular freelance job. This led to a few years of working for a number of magazines and newspapers.

The second was Mark Horsburgh, V8 Supercar photographer, arranging credentials for me to shoot trackside at Barbagallo raceway in 2003. This was a lightbulb moment where I realised I had a passion for motorsport photography.

Over the following years I was lucky enough to work beside and learn from some great photographers. I honed my studio skills working weekdays in a Perth cyclorama while weekends were spent walking through forests chasing rally cars or at race circuits ogling cars and grid girls.

Regular Clients:

2003 – current: Photographer for VW Magazine Australia
2004 – 2011: Photographer for Street Machine Magazine
2006 – current: Photographer forOzbike Magazine
2006 – 2014: Photographer forCruzin Magazine

Other Clients:

Australian Classic Car Magazine
Australian Dirt Bike Magazine
Australian Drag Racing Magazine
Auto Trader Magazine
Ballarat Times Newspaper
BHS Engineering
Breast Cancer Foundation of WA
Busselton-Margaret Times Newspaper
Classic Cars (UK)
Classic Trucks Magazine (USA)
Community Newspaper Group
Confederation of Australian Motorsport
Daily Star Newspaper (London)
Ducati Owners Club
Edge Photography
Exposure PR (UK)
Express Publications
Fast Fours Magazine
Federal Publishing Company
Formula Vee Association of WA
Front Magazine (UK)
Go Auto (New Zealand)
Indigenous Enterprises
Live To Ride Magazine
MC News
Metro Newspaper (London)
Motorcycle Racing Club of WA
Motorsport News
Olympia Publishing
Peninsula Living
Performance Buildups Magazine
Perth Street Car Magazine
Queensland Street Car Magazine
Sunday Times Newspaper
Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper
The Age Newspaper (Melbourne)
The West Australian Newspaper
Tourism WA
Vintage Motorcross and Dirtbike Magazine
Volksworld Magazine (UK)
VW Trends Magazine (USA)
WA Health Dept
WA Hotrod Promotions
WA Sporting Car Club
WA Sports Federation
World Rally Championship Online

Press coverage is one of the rewarding parts of being a photographer. Seeing your images printed on something tangible, you can feel it and turn the pages. I’m old enough that I grew up with print media and it still holds dear to my heart. Digital certainly has it’s place now, and it’s not going anywhere but forward; but I guess the advantage is it creates a more romantic memory of when photos were in photo albums and the latest craze with a Polaroid camera!

Fortunately I’ve been lucky to have a lot of work in print, and as time goes by I’ll keep a digital record of it here, or at the least on a hard drive somewhere at home. It’s funny how the two compliment each other.