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Matt Raine’s 1955 Split Window Kombi

Matt did a stunning job restoring his 1955 splitty to almost showroom condition. It made its debut at the Volkswagen Spectacular show in Valla Beach and not long after became the spokesvan (see what I did there?) for Telstra’s Bigpond broadband. Gracing our TV screens […]

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Jeff Bakers Volksrod

Jeff’s Volksrod just did my head in. It was the first time I’d really paid attention and the bloke built a Frankenstein. The details made me laugh and lose sleep and I wished I owned it.

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Christian Calvert VW Karmann Ghia

I remember shooting this on Kodachrome 64 and totally stuffing it up. The Ghia was yellow but the slides were shaded all over the place as I didn’t pay enough attention to my metering. Check out the pics scanned below HAHAHA – Soooo many mistakes. […]

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